Xpanse CGI in Guinness World Records

January 28, 2011

Xpanse CGI in Guinness World Records



Xpanse CGI made its way to the Most brands advertised on a single billboard in the Guinness Book of World Records. It was one of the 1233 brands featured from the UAE. Xpanse’s associated partners Playback Lounge & Sixteen By Nine Motion Pictures were also among the featured logos. Congratulations to the Xpanse team for making it to the world records.

[ Source : http://www.worldamazingrecords.com/2011/01/most-brands-advertised-on-single.html ]

With 1,233 logos on a single wall, Dubai has made it to the record books yet again.
The Most brands advertised on a single billboard were officially unveiled at Dubai Festival City after being certified as a world record by Guinness World Records, on Sunday. Measuring over 10 metres high and 100 metres wide, the massive billboard is Dubai’s latest entry in the record books.

Dubai is synonymous with the world’s largest, world’s biggest and the world’s most expensive. This is the 78th world record in the UAE and the country is certainly among some of the top record-breakers in the world” said Adam Wide, Creative Director, Guinness World Records who presented the official certificate to Discovery Exhibition Organisers.

Working for over a year, a team of 70 staff from Discovery Exhibition Organisers set out to persuade brands to advertise on the billboard and make UAE Logos a successful project. “This record is particularly significant because it’s not just about the number of logos on display but it is about the co-operation between thousands of companies who made the feat possible. The scale is absolutely phenomenal and there are a lot of logistics involved in making such a record possible,” said Wide.

Salim Al Khayyal, CEO, Discovery Exhibiton Organisers attributed the success of UAE Logos to his team. “It took a lot of hard work and persuasion to bring together all the brands and make them part of such a record. There had to be no repetitions and every logo present on the billboard belongs to a brand in the UAE” said Salim.

A representative from Guinness World Records individually verified each of the 1,233 logos on the billboard as the official verification took over four hours to complete.

The advertising billboard is open for public viewing outside the Festival Centre concert arena.


Photos by @AqeelFikree


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January 28, 2011