Canon Middle East Round Table Conference

Canon 1


Canon Middle East‘s Round Table Conference took place during the CABSat 2014 Event at the World Trade Centre on the 12th of March 2014.

The conference was a discussion concerning the digital trends in broadcast and film-making featuring a niche panel of prominent filmmakers and industry professionals from the region such as Khaled Abol Naga, Ali Mostafa and Ashraf Ghori. Also present were Canon’s brand ambassador Sebastien Devaud, Canon Europe’s Paul Atkinson and independent filmmakers Ali Okhovat and Faisal Hashmi. The panel was moderated by Lina Matta, Senior Channel Manager of MBC.

The filmmakers talked about the challenges within the fledgling regional film industry and the impact of technology in filmmaking whether it’s shooting on affordable DSLR Cameras or providing 4K content for broadcast. Canon showcased their impressive EOS C500 DSLR camera which has already been used in several Hollywood productions.

Photos courtesy Canon Middle East & Kevin Sebastian


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