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FOBcity webcomics are here! Join the fun

Ladies, gents and all you fobbits out there, the wait is over – Presenting Xpanse’s very own funny men: the FOBcity gang! You can read them all here:

FOBcity 101 :

FOBcity is a webcomic about a bunch of friends in a foreign country. It’s about diversity. Assimilation. It’s about shawarmas, biryanis and the right time to eat Umm Ali. Sometimes, it’s also about relationships – amongst the gang, and with their adopted homeland.

Call them what you will. Lost. Third culture. Expatriate. Long term residents. A bunch of misappropriates trying to navigate brunchtastic choice and endless bling. Nevertheless, FOBcity is the place they’re proud to call home, for better or worse.

They’re an unlikely line up. They’re headstrong, unruly, and at loggerheads with one another on the surface, with different cultures and varied backgrounds. But loyalty runs thicker than water, which in turn runs thicker than the orange juice that local joints serve. We’d love to tell you they actively think about the multi-cultural maze they’re in. Nah. They just work with it, on occasion accept it, and most times try eating their way through it. There’s never a dull moment in the cultural melting pot that is FOBcity. There are however plenty of first world problems to overshadow anything of actual importance. It’s all fun and games…until it’s not.

Text courtesy: @hishamwyne

This commentary will continue as soon as we fobstagram our lunch. brb