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Lenovo Phab Plus Reviewed

Lenovo‘s product diversity means pleasant surprises could come in all sizes. This time it’s not just a phone or a tablet. I am talking about their latest Phablet offering, Phab Plus. Lenovo had the tech-savvy millennial generation in mind with this device, seeing there’s a noticeable shift from making phone calls to staying socially connected. So if you’ve been stuck in the costly-phone-or-large-tablet dilemma then this one’s for you.

“It’s big”. That was my first reaction. “And it’s not so heavy” was the next. I expected to see a thick layer of protective padding all around the phone while opening the box, but no, that’s how big the phone is, all 6.98 inches of it.

With a pleasing Full HD screen canvas, I could not resist putting it to some creative good use with a quick-sketch test drive and here’s how that went.


Playing with it for the past couple of weeks I’ve grown quite used to it by now. People just assumed I was carrying an iPhone 6 Plus till they noticed otherwise.

You’d think for a phone this size navigation would be a problem, but not to worry, the one-hand use feature steps in to make your life a little easier. However, I did not find myself needing it much.

It’s got a good battery life lasting well over a day with moderate usage. Cameras are respectable (13 MP rear and 5 MP front cameras) but not the main draw for this device. I found the photos, especially low-light shots dark and lacking in visual detail. The Audio is fairly sharp and loud, but the rear-facing speakers take away from the aural experience. Its sturdy metal constructed body houses dual sims – one of them uses a Nano sim.

You’d expect the Phab to retail for higher but with a launch price tag of AED 999 at GITEX Shopper Dubai, it just adds to its appeal.

Add on all of the above and it’s easy to see why we really like the Phab. It’s just good value with a great performance. In the mean time I’ve done a good job to not drop or scratch it, seeing that the chances of finding a protective casing or fancy accessories for it any time soon are minimal.


– AG
Reviewed by @AshrafGhori