Presentation at the American Corner of Abu Dhabi City

The American Corner of Abu Dhabi City hosted our CEO Ashraf Ghori’s presentation as part of their activities to promote ACAD as a cultural hub for the community to engage in activities and events that inspire critical reflection, inter-cultural exchange and learning through a wide variety of informational resources and cultural programs.

We would like to thank the American Corner Management for inviting us, presenting us with a very special memento / award and for the kind words below:

“I wanted to thank you for gracing us with your presence at the American Corner. It was simply inspirational.”

– Dr. Adnan Husnein, Director, American Corner of Abu Dhabi City




The American Corner of Abu Dhabi at ALHOSN University, whose motto is ‘Inspiring Global Awareness’, promotes inter-cultural exchange, social responsibility and learning through the provision of informational resources and events in order to facilitate mutual understanding between the United States of America and the UAE both locally and globally.

The American Corner at ALHOSN University was officially opened in January 2011 to promote mutual understanding and an exchange of ideas between the United States and the United Arab Emirates by providing access to current and reliable information about the US by way of book and DVD collections, internet databases, and through local programming to the general public.

It is one of over 400 American Corners world-wide, one of four in the United Arab Emirates, and the first American Corner in the city of Abu Dhabi.

You can find out more about ACAD here:

Featured story on AlHosn University website


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