We commemorate our 7th year with a brand new site

At long last, with several months in the making, we are proud to present the revamped Xpanse CGI website!

Many digital forests were destroyed on the drawing board in making this site. Our goal was to achieve an intuitive user experience while keeping the aesthetic appeal.

We’re aiming for this site to be a lot more than a standard portfolio site. We’d like to make it a useful interactive resource for the design enthusiast in you by sharing many insights to the making of our work and what happens behind the scenes at the studio. So now you will have a lot more reason for showing up often to our site.

Xpanse logo

We felt our previous site fell short of giving a realistic picture of all of our services and examples of work in our portfolio. The result, as was pointed out by many, was many a missed opportunity where people would find out about a certain service of ours a little too late, and chalk us down for a future project. The works section now lets you reach your query a lot easier. And in case you hadn’t noticed we’ve also got a new shorter address (making it much easier to spell it out on phone calls!).

Xpanse is all about being social. Our team, always eager to share our knowledge, encourage every one of our friends to interact with us through our site and also from our Twitter & Facebook page and let us know if there is anything we can do to make the world a better place. If you want us to share technical information on how we went about creating one of our animations or if you’d like us to retweet your last tweet, just ask! In turn we ask everyone to encourage us by sharing our stories and work in your social channels.

This year also marks the seventh year of our operations contributing to the Gulf’s creative industry. This would certainly not be possible without your amazing support. We thank you immensely and look forward to serve you creatively for many more years ahead!


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